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    Top of Page About CEGI Foretell Foretell Design Magic ​ ​ 2 1/2' x 12" Matte Porcelain tiles with Special Order Patterned pieces available ​ Charmed ​ Tile shown: Foretell in Charm Patterned Range Classic, Naturally ​ ​ 4' x 4 1/2" Porcelain Hex pieces to make any decor sing ​ Outside In ​ Tile shown: Range in Summit Crackle, Silk, and Links Return to Texture ​ We invite you to take another look at our lines Crackle Glass , Silk Mosaics , and Links . ​ A New Focus ​ Tile shown: Crackle Glass in Army Green VOIR The Beautiful Light Embraces light and enhances the charm of any room. ​ ​ Shine Bright ​ Tile shown: Voir in Sailor Cultivar Cultivate your Design The earthy feel of the Cultivar porcelain wall and floor tiles will make you want to dig down deep and find your style roots. ​ Select the Best ​ Tile shown: Cultivar in Juno SUELO Hello, Suelo From Wall to Floor, Suelo comes in a variety of matte colors in a size and shape that offers the luxury of both versatility and functionality. 3.6 x 14.5 in ​ Be Versatile Tile shown: Suelo in Wolf Rematted Glass Soak in the Style with Pool-Rated Tiles ​ Relax, breathe easy, and enjoy a matte finish designed for swimming pools, floors, backsplashes, and more. ​ ​ Splash Away ​ Tile shown: Rematted Glass in Cobalt Olympia Classic Geometric Shapes ​ Design meets tradition with these delightful geometric tiles. ​ ​ Keep it Classic ​ ​ Isla PASTEL ​ WALL TILES ​ Soothing and sophisticated, pastel wall tiles will instantly add style to any space. ​ ​ Get Inspired ​ Tile shown: Isla in Waterfall Hamptons Beach Vibes with a Patterned Twist ​ Every day is a day at the beach with this collection. ​ ​ Sun, Sand, and Texture ​ ​ About CEGI Our mission is provide the means for homeowners, architects, and designers to create distinctive spaces full of character and a design story that deserves to be seen. About Us Family owned and operated, CEGI is an international wholesale importer of building materials specializing in tiles, mosaics, and quartz slabs for commercial and residential development. Founded and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, CEGI prides itself through excellence of character, individuality, and opportunity.

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