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Variation as part of the Tile Design


Tile shade variation indicates the degree to which its color, tone and texture vary among individual tiles. Odonata has a V4 rating or Substantial Variation. That means colors and/or textures differ from tile to tile, so that one tile may have a totally different color and/or texture than that of other tiles. Substantial Variation gives a space a more natural or handmade look. 



Piece Size: 2 1/2 X 8

Thickness: 8mm
0.14 SF/PC

5.32 SF/CTN


Window Skimmer - Daltile Part Number: 9999475970

Gossamer - Daltile Part Number: 9999475185

Willow Emerald - Daltile Part Number: 9999475634

Lestes - Daltile Part Number: 9999474811

Dasher - Daltile Part Number: 9999475295

Blue Streaks - Daltile Part Number: 9999474783

Demoiselle - Daltile Part Number: 9999475239

Veined Darter - Daltile Part Number: 9999475369

Whitetailed - Daltile Part Number:9999474987


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